Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision: Australian Marrow Failure Biobank (AMFB)

The Australian Marrow Failure Biobank, an initiative of the Centre of Research Excellence in Bone Marrow Biology, will provide a premier data and sample resource that enables the undertaking of world class research into BMFS. To date this resource has not existed in Australia and exists in only a few centres internationally.

The most effective means by which to dissect the biology and improve treatment options of a rare disease is through the collection of a comprehensive clinical data set, coupled with a comprehensive biological sample set. In Australia, Maddie’s Vision has supported a national comprehensive clinical data set on newly diagnosed patients with BMFS being collected through the strategic part-funding of the Australian Aplastic Anaemia Registry (AAAR).

Maddie’s Vision is now building on this excellent clinical initiative by establishing a matched tissue sample set. The deliberate and determined achievement of establishing a biorepository of BMF specimens will attract the best and brightest researchers, building a pipeline of cutting-edge research discoveries and providing a critical mass of clinical data and samples that deliver novel findings of international relevance.

The Biobank Preliminary Application’s primary aim is to identify a facility with suitable capacity and capability to function as the AMFB homebase. The application is open to laboratories nation-wide.

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