Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA): Addressing solar PV end-of-life issues & lowering the cost of solar PV

ARENA is providing up to $15M to support R&D to address end-of-life issues for solar PV panels, as well as lowering their cost.

The Round has four priority areas:

  • End-of-life: New solutions, including improved upfront solar PV panel designs and end-of-life processing, that increase the cost-effectiveness of sustainable end-of-life management of solar PV panels.
  • Advanced silicon: Improvements to the overall cost-effectiveness of silicon-based panels already in mass-market production, and their production processes.
  • Tandem silicon: Increasing the cost-effectiveness of silicon-based solar PV through the use of tandem materials.
  • New materials: Development of new materials with the potential to either reach breakthrough cost-efficiencies, or the potential for new deployment applications

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