Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC): Towards effective genetic & sustainable management of Ascochyta blight of Chickpea

This investment proposes the integration of five research programs to advance genetic resistance to Ascochyta blight (AB) and to ensure the longevity of resistance sources which are used:

  1. Annual surveys of AB pathogen populations in the field nationally to develop accurate knowledge of pathogen biology, population structure and epidemiology.
  2. Screening diverse chickpea germplasm including existing wild chickpea germplasm to identify novel sources of qualitative and quantitative resistance to AB benchmarked against known genes for AB resistance.
  3. Development of effective pathogen and host differential sets for AB through active international collaboration.
  4. Development of accurate, cost effective and high throughput methods for screening AB resistance and which are able to determine whether resistance is qualitative or quantitative and whether the resistance is effective at the seedling or adult plant stage.
  5. Development of integrated disease management package for AB which minimise grower costs and maximise the effective life of existing and new sources of AB resistance.

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