SA Department for Environment & Water: Coastal research & development grants

Recognising that many coastal communities are at risk from current and future coastal hazards, such as erosion, flooding and sand dune drift, and that innovative solutions will be required for successful coastal adaptation into the future, the Government has allocated $650,000 to a Coastal Research and Development Grant Program.

The purpose of the Program is to fund research and development demonstration projects that:

  • Examine risks to coastal assets, infrastructure and communities.
  • Support coastal adaptation.
  • Develop innovative approaches to coastal management to sustain assets and the environment.

The types of research and development projects that may be funded include, but are not limited to:

  • Coastal hazard adaptation strategies.
  • Design or testing of new approaches to coastal management to combine ecological and asset protection benefits.
  • Collection of data and information to improve knowledge of the coast that will lead to improved coastal adaptation, health and resilience.

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