NHMRC – European Research Council (ERC): Implementing Arrangement – call for expressions of interest

The Implementing Arrangement enables NHMRC-funded researchers to carry out research visits with the ERC supported European teams. Researchers can participate through a single, long-term (e.g. up to 12 months) visit or multiple short-term visits (e.g. for joint experiments).

It is expected that research visits begin at least 12 months prior to the termination date of relevant NHMRC grants. Multiple short-term visits should aggregate to a jointly determined minimum (e.g. three months).

Expressions of interest

The ERC has solicited expressions of interest from ERC grantees in hosting NHMRC-funded researchers to contribute to their research teams in Europe. The ERC developed a list of interested ERC-supported teams to host NHMRC-funded researchers. NHMRC-funded researchers are encouraged to explore these opportunities and contact the ERC for further details about a specific team or project.

Expressions of interest from NHMRC-funded researchers can be emailed to with the following details:

  • ERC team you are collaborating with
  • Project name
  • Length of collaboration.

Further information

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