National Institute of Health (NIH): Notice of Special Interest

This Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) aims to highlight research priorities for risk algorithms applications in healthcare settings to improve suicide prevention.

Risk algorithms have been shown in multiple settings to be a validated way to identify individuals with high suicide risk who warrant additional clinical attention. To date, risk algorithm approaches have not been designed to predict outcomes for individual patients, but rather to assign people into differential tiers of risk. The use of these tools presents some special challenges, including issues around logistics, ethics, and acceptability, and each of these areas present research gaps.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) held a meeting in June 2019 to identify and prioritize research needs in the application of predictive analytics in suicide prevention among healthcare providers. The meeting summary details research topics and gaps that included:

  • biostatistical challenges,
  • provider and patient understanding of risk algorithms,
  • ethical considerations,
  • needs for clinical decision tools to guide risk algorithm application, and
  • policy-relevant research

Visit the NIH website to view the list of funding opportunities relevant to this NOSI.

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