Let us know about your ARC Industrial Transformation Research Program bid

Are you currently preparing for, or thinking about an ARC Industrial Transformation (ITRP) Research Hub or Training Centre bid in the current or a future round? If so, we want to know now.

Bidding for an ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub or Training Centre is a considerably competitive process. By letting us know about your bid, we can provide a wide range of resources and support for your proposal. This includes advice regarding grant guidelines, Partner Organisation eligibility and contributions, project suitability for the ITRP scheme, contractual requirements, strategies for application competitiveness and review of your application.

Industrial Transformation Research Hubs (ITRH)

Research Hubs operate for three to five years and have strong support from national and/or international investment, including from collaborating industry and end-user partners. Program outcomes generated by Hubs lead to economic, commercial and social transformation.

The Industrial Transformation Training Centres (ITTC)

Training Centres help solve problems holding back productivity and growth by supporting and training emerging researchers, both academic and industry-based. Operating for four to five years, they typically fund researchers – up to 10 doctoral researchers and three postdoctoral – to build industry-relevant skills and drive applied research outcomes with direct benefit to industries vital to Australia’s future.

NOI submission process

Applicants planning to apply are required to submit a Notification of Intent (NOI) in RME6 by Thursday 9 April 2020. Submitting a NOI informs Research Services of your intent to apply and the subsequent resources that may be requested as part of your application.

Completing the NOI may allow you access to central support initiatives for grant improvement (such as grant writers, externally funded grant strategists and other specialist advice), or special Faculty grant support initiatives (as advised by your Faculty).

Further information

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