Finance & Procurement Services announcement: Purchase orders for research collaborator payments

Commencing this month, purchase orders will be raised in the University’s eProcurement System for grant funding committed to be paid to research collaborator organisations. Finance & Procurement Services will raise the purchase orders and communicate this change to each research collaborator organisation.

This information will be reported in ORBIT and provide chief investigators and researchers with visibility of funding committed to be paid to research collaborator organisations in line with the grant agreement. These purchase order commitments will be reported at research project level as follows:

  • the Project Summary ‘PO Commitments’ field will include the current calendar year commitment amount which has not yet been paid
  • the Purchase Order Commitments table will include the total commitment amount which has not yet been paid, for current and future calendar years
  • the Full Life Estimate table will include the total budget research collaborator amount, actual amounts paid to date and the remaining commitment amount

Research payments to research collaborator organisations will continue to be approved by Finance & Procurement Services per the current approval process.

Commencement date: 5 August 2020

Further information

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