Templeton World Charity Foundation: Grand challenges for human flourishing

Templeton World Charity Foundation has launched a new strategy to support new scientific research on human flourishing and to translate related discoveries into practical tools. Over the next five years, the Foundation will support a range of projects across three distinct stages: discovery, development, and launch.

Before picking a focal point for the discovery stage of this five-year strategy, the Foundation plans to gather new ideas through an open-submission process. To achieve this, they’ve issued a Request For Ideas (RFI) to gather input as broadly as possible. Researchers across disciplines are invited to participate in an initial phase of idea generation and development. Ideas selected will be used by the Foundation to shape its priorities for scientific discovery. This has the potential to lead to several new portfolios of grants.

The Foundation expects to invest approximately $40M in this scheme. Priority will go to interdisciplinary scientific research on humanity’s cognitive, affective, social, and spiritual well-being.

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