Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources (DISER): Modern manufacturing initiative – Resources technology & critical minerals processing

Australia’s resource sector is world-class. The sector is a leading exporter of energy and resources commodities, serviced by a highly regarded resources technology sector. In 2019 the Australian METS sector generated $97B in revenue, supporting approximately 200,000 jobs. However, resources technology is a manufacturing area with untapped potential that could be leveraged further, based on the capability and innovation of Australian businesses in supporting the competitiveness of our resources sector. There are also opportunities to expand the current market footprint by adapting more of these technologies across other Australian sectors, such as defence and space, and capturing more of global markets.

Australia has significant reserves of the critical minerals and metals which drive the modern global economy. These are used to manufacture advanced technologies such as electric vehicles, mobile phones and renewable energy. However, because the majority of primary ores are shipped overseas for processing, Australia derives a small share of the potential overall benefit. Australia can capture greater benefit from these value chains by undertaking further value adding and manufacturing here.

Manufacturing Integration Stream

The Manufacturing Integration Stream will support projects that integrate Australian businesses into domestic and international value chains, propelling their goods and services into new markets and fostering Australia’s reputation as a modern manufacturing leader. It will encourage and facilitate linkages between local businesses and domestic and international firms, increasing scale, supply capacity, and the ability to innovate.

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Manufacturing Translation Stream

The Manufacturing Translation Stream will support projects that aid the translation of high quality research and ideas into commercial outcomes and support businesses to scale-up and become more competitive and resilient. It will support businesses to adopt new technologies and improve their manufacturing processes to boost productivity and competitiveness.

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Funding & duration

  • From AUD $1M – $20M (expected average approx. $4M)
  • Requires matching cash contribution (25% of cash can include funding from State, Territory or local government grants)
  • All projects must be completed by 31 March 2024

Submission requirements & due date

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