Green Adelaide: Blue carbon futures grants 2021

Green Adelaide’s Blue Carbon Futures Grant aims to facilitate collaboration and partnerships to support implementation of the Blue Carbon Strategy for South Australia 2020-2025, within the Green Adelaide region.

In this round, Green Adelaide is targeting previous successful applicants from the 2019-20 Blue Carbon Futures round undertaken by the previous Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board. This will build on outcomes of the initial round and address knowledge gaps, or aspects impacted by COVID restrictions. Of specific interest in this round are:

  • Knowledge gaps related to carbon storage in coastal habitats such as coastal sedgelands and management.
  • Case studies to measure and quantify potential or known impacts to blue carbon habitats and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Quantitative assessments to improve understanding of regional carbon values and opportunities in the region.
  • Potential for linking coastal on-ground restoration works to current or future carbon market opportunities.
  • Investigations to facilitate potential on-ground works such as tidal reconnection in the region.
  • Progressing understanding of seagrass restoration and Blue Carbon in estuarine environments.

The work seeks to build on previous investment in conservation and restoration of coastal habitats over the last decade and demonstration projects with partners, such as the Dry Creek Salt Field tidal restoration project.

Project proposals will need to demonstrate how they align with key outcomes of the Blue Carbon Strategy for South Australia.

Funding & duration

A total of up to $100,000.

Submission requirements & due date

Further information

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