Priority-driven collaborative cancer research scheme (PdCCRS): announcement

2020 outcomes

The announcement of the 2020 Priority-driven collaborative cancer research scheme (PdCCRS) Ideas grant applications is anticipated to occur by the end of April. Successful applicants will be contacted on the day of the announcement and unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email on the same day. The list of successful applicants will then be posted on the Cancer Australia website.

2021 submissions

The 2021 PdCCRS grant opportunity is currently scheduled to open in late April on GrantConnect. The closing date for submission of NHMRC Ideas grant applications is 5 May 2021 and all applications seeking consideration for funding through Cancer Australia’s PdCCRS must submit a completed application through NHMRC’s Sapphire grant management system including submission of the detailed Ideas Grant proposal and budget by 5 May 2021. Ideas Grant applicants indicating on the NHMRC application form that they wish to be considered for funding by Cancer Australia must also submit a PdCCRS Questions application form directly to Cancer Australia. Due to the late opening of the PdCCRS grant round, the closing date for submission of the PdCCRS Questions form to Cancer Australia will be extended to 4 weeks after the opening date of the 2021 PdCCRS round to allow sufficient time to complete the form. The closing date for submission of the PdCCRS Questions forms for Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies applications will be 1 September 2021, one week after the closing date of 25 August 2021 set for these applications by NHMRC.  Research priorities for the 2021 PdCCRS grant round are currently available as a forecast opportunity on GrantConnect.

Further information

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