Osteopathy Australia: Project grants

Applications for the 2021 Osteopathy Australia Research Grant Scheme are now OPEN. The Osteopathy Australia Research Grant Scheme aims to promote, encourage, and support research that advances osteopathy.

Funding & duration

Project grants are valued at up to $12,500 each. Project funding is granted for research projects that can achieve a tangible outcome within 24 months of receipt of grant funds.


Only one proposal per applicant(s) will be accepted by the Osteopathy Australia Research Committee for any grant type in any application cycle.

  • The primary applicant (chief investigator) must not currently hold an Osteopathy Australia Research Grant.
  • An applicant may not hold more than one grant as the principal investigator at any one time.
  • Each grant application must include a researcher who is a registered Osteopath and a financial member of Osteopathy Australia.
  • All researchers must be included within the proposal.
  • Supplementing funding from other grant sources must be approved by the Osteopathy Australia Research Committee, if not described in the original research plan.
  • Awards from other sources may be approved by the Osteopathy Australia Research Committee if the researcher submits a rationale that justifies any budgetary overlap to the Committee’s satisfaction.
  • The final amount approved for funding of any grant application is at the discretion of the Osteopathy Australia Research Committee and may be less than proposed by the applicant. Such decisions will be made by the Committee based upon availability of funds and proposed project scope.
  • All successful applicants require ethics approval where required, prior to funding.

Where an eligibility ruling is being considered, Osteopathy Australia Research Committee may request further information in order to assess whether the eligibility requirement has been met.

Submission requirements & due date

Further information

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