The University of Adelaide: AU DIGI+ Strategy internal grant scheme

The University prioritises investment for research at scale within the framework of FAME (Foci And Magnets for Excellence) Strategies. These provide a platform that enables us to attract the best researchers and partners, and deliver positive impacts for our State and Nation through research excellence and its translation. As part of our strategic approach to seizing these opportunities to build scale and focus in research, the University of Adelaide has developed its Digi+ Strategy. The Strategy outlines our transdisciplinary approach to tackle fundamental research questions underpinning major global opportunities, while developing cutting-edge, ethical solutions for a sustainable, healthier, wealthier and safer digitally-enabled future for Australia. It comprises six Research Missions for Transformation:

  • Critical Minerals
  • Quantum Materials
  • Space Industries
  • Information Capability
  • Energy Systems Transformation
  • Autonomous Systems

Funding & duration

There are currently two strands to this scheme:

  • Initiate projects will be seed grants of up to $20k; and
  • Accelerate projects will receive up to $100k.

It is expected that 4-8 Initiate projects will be funded along with 4-6 Accelerate projects, across the six research missions within the FAME strategy.


Applicants must hold a salaried University of Adelaide academic appointment for the expected duration of the grant. A proposal must be led by two University of Adelaide staff members from different Faculties, and must be supported by their Heads of School and Executive Deans. Where staff nominate affiliation with one of the six University Research Institutes, support from the relevant Institute Director will be seen as favourable.

Submission requirements & due date

Further information

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