Australian Eggs: Call for research proposals

Industry consultation has identified that the following research topics are a priority for Australian egg farmers. We invite all interested researchers to submit a preliminary research proposal (PRP) on the seven research topics listed below.

Funding & duration

Australian Eggs recommends that interested researchers schedule a time to discuss the research and our funding cycle with us, before drafting a PRP.
To schedule a time, email


Australian Eggs is currently seeking preliminary research proposals (PRP) for the following 7 key research topics:

  1. Options for egg farmers to enhance on-farm sustainability.
  2. Technology and data approaches to rodent control.
  3. Methods for reducing floor eggs.
  4. Development of a sub-unit vaccine for Campylobacter hepaticus.
  5. Ideal starch inclusion in the diet to improve layer health.
  6. Waste management and value adding with microalgae.
  7. Practical strategies to enhance layer hen welfare.

Submission requirements & due date

Further information

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