Green Adelaide: Blue Carbon Futures Grants

Green Adelaide’s Blue Carbon Futures Grant aims to facilitate collaboration and partnerships to support implementation of the Blue Carbon Strategy for South Australia 2020-2025, within the Green Adelaide region.

Conservation and restoration of environments that can be used to sequester blue carbon is a key Coastal Management focus area within Green Adelaide’s Regional Landscape Plan 2021-26. The plan seeks an outcome of enhanced climate resilience and adaptation and increased environmental and social benefits.

Funding & duration

A total of up to $150,000 plus GST is on offer. Although each project may continue beyond the end of the 2021–2022 financial year (30th June 2022), the GA Blue Carbon Futures contribution may be provided in the 2021–2022 financial year. Projects will need to be completed and final reporting received no later than 31st May 2023.


  • The grants are open to projects within the Green Adelaide region.
  • Projects will need to demonstrate in-kind or cash co-contribution by proponents.
  • Grant recipients will be responsible for securing any relevant permissions, permits and approvals.
  • Projects with an immediate on-ground, construction or capital works component are unlikely to be considered in this round, unless they can demonstrate:
    • they can be supported by innovative mechanisms to finance carbon sequestration projects; or
    • significant outcomes for blue carbon demonstration projects including partner stakeholder or private sector partnerships to progress and scale-up a demonstration project;
    • they provide novel or unique demonstration site or public awareness opportunities within the Green Adelaide region.

Submission requirements & due date

Further information

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