The Gilead Australia Fellowship: Grants Program

Gilead is committed to supporting innovative local research initiatives to improve patient outcomes. The Grants Program enables Australian researchers to apply for funding across a range of therapeutic areas.

The Program aims to support:

  • projects with a clinical and ‘real-world’ focus
  • the development and implementation of best practice to enhance patient outcomes
  • research in the specific disease areas of HIV and/or chronic viral hepatitis, haematological malignancies, solid tumours (especially breast, lung and bladder), and invasive fungal infections.

Researchers in Australia currently face increasing competition for limited funding, particularly for projects with a local or community focus. In recognition of these projects and their benefits to patient care, the Gilead Australia Fellowship: Grants Program aims to help bridge the gap in local Australian research funding.

The Grants Program has been running successfully in Australia for close to a decade, providing funding to novel projects across Australia that can inform and shape best practice in patient care.

Funding & duration

The total funding available for the 2023 Grants Program is $300,000 AUD.

The requested level of funding should be stated at the time of application.*

Funding is contingent on the project:

  • being granted ethics approval (if required)
  • concluding in no more than 18 months after execution of agreement.

*A maximum award for successful proposals will be $60k. The exact amount of funding allocated to each project may vary depending on the nature of the project. Funding is entirely independent of the use of any particular therapeutic agent.


The Grants Program provides funding for clinical and academic staff at Australian hospitals, clinics, universities and research institutes, young investigators, nurses, GPs and other healthcare providers/researchers from professional organisations, in both urban and rural areas. Applications for community based projects that may not necessarily fall under traditional research grant criteria are welcome. The decision to fund a project will be made by an independent panel and is entirely unrelated to the use of any particular therapeutic agent.

Submission requirements & due date

Further information

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