Animal Ethics Committee (AEC): Animal User’s Handbook updated

This Handbook has been developed to assist scientific investigators and teachers to achieve the goals of the Australian Code, and to promote the humane and ethical use of animals for scientific purposes. It provides essential information for all who are involved in University research and teaching that involves animals, and details the process for notifying the AEC of scavenging.

The University expects all applicants, and new applicants in particular, to consult the Handbook prior to submitting proposals for ethical clearance.

Supporting guides

The following guides have been developed by our University Veterinarians to assist researchers in their AEC application:

  • Compiling research applications: guidance on the style of answers required by the AEC, helping researchers compile an application that will be favourably considered and more rapidly approved by the AEC.
  • Training framework: researcher responsibilities for training and AEC expectations. This guide helps researchers identify their responsibilities for training and demonstrate competency, and provides an overview of training processes. The AEC requires this information, so ensuring to include it in your application will aid in faster approval.

Further information

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