ADLD Center / Orphan Disease Center – Grant Pilot Program

The ADLD Center, in collaboration with Orphan Disease Center, is seeking grant applications for multidisciplinary teams of scientists that aim to further progress our understanding of the disease, the available therapeutic options, and investigating strategies to establish outcome measurements. The research project could focus on one, or several, of the following aims to further advance ADLD research and therapeutic approaches:

1. Identification of short-term biomarkers that can monitor disease activity and treatment response.
2. Establishment of outcome measures for future clinical trials.
3. Development of therapeutic approaches in early symptomatic patients.
4. Supporting pilot clinical trials, preclinical trials, or animal model trials that promote drug repurposing strategies.
5. Development of a standardized evaluation criteria for clinical projects allowing uniformity of patients as well as the severity and progression of the disease.
6. Development of cellular models (i.e., oligodendrocytes) for evaluation of therapeutic options to translate for clinical use.
7. Evaluate pre-clinical patients (MRIs, genetic testing).

Funding & duration

Duration of funding – 1 year
Level of funding – 2 x 50,000 USD


All individuals holding a faculty-level appointment at an academic institution or a senior position at a non-profit institution or foundation are eligible to respond to this call.

Submission requirements & due dates

Further information

  • Visit the website for this scheme

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