Office of the Chief Scientist: Australian Science Policy Fellowship Program

The Office of the Chief Scientist seeks applications for the 2023-24 Australian Science Policy Fellowship Program.

The Australian Science Policy Fellowship Program aims to grow the diversity of expertise in the Australian Public Service (APS) workforce. The program gives early- and mid-career scientists the opportunity to work in an Australian Government department for up to 12 months as policy officers.

In doing so, it aims to grow the diversity of expertise of the Australian Public Service by providing a pathway for experienced scientists to become skilled policy practitioners. It also gives Fellows choosing to return to academia a practical understanding of government processes and policymaking.

Fellows receive on-the-job training in, and exposure to a range of government functions. Fellows are also supported by the Office of the Chief Scientist, have access to mentors, and are provided with unique opportunities, including networking. As a pathway program into the APS, participation in the program means Fellows become equipped to seek permanent employment in the public service.


12 month fellowship.


Restricted to STEM PhD graduates, early-mid career researchers.

Submission requirements & due date

  • Application deadline is 7 March 2023.

Further information

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