What Does Population Change Mean For Business?

In developing business strategy population size, composition and distribution is regarded as a static background. Yet the Australian population is changing in a myriad of ways, all of which have implications for the evolving demand for goods and services. Identifying, and especially anticipating, change in population can prove invaluable to businesses seeking to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

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About the Speaker

Professor Graeme Hugo is a University Professorial Research Fellow, Professor of Geography and Director of the National Centre for Social Applications of Geographical Information Systems at the University of Adelaide. He is the author of over two hundred books, articles in scholarly journals and chapters in books, as well as a large number of conference papers and reports. In 2002 he secured a $1.125 million ARC Federation Fellowship over five years for his research project, “The new paradigm of international migration to and from Australia: dimensions, causes and implications”.

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