The Science of Making Profitable Decisions

In the modern information era, managers must recognize the competitive opportunities represented by decision–support tools. New family of systems – called Adaptive Business Intelligence systems – combine prediction and optimization techniques to assist decision makers in complex, rapidly changing environments.

These systems address the fundamental questions: What is likely to happen in the future? And what is the best course of action? Adaptive Business Intelligence includes elements of data mining, predictive modelling, forecasting, optimization, and adaptability. The talk introduces the concepts behind Adaptive Business Intelligence, which aims at providing significant cost savings & revenue increases for businesses. A few real-world examples will be shown and discussed.

About the Speaker

Professor Zbigniew Michalewicz is Professor in School of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide. Professor Zbigniew Michalewicz has published over 200 articles and 15 books on the subject of predictive data mining and logistics optimisation. These include the most recent Adaptive Business Intelligence, and the scientific bestseller How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics.

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