Urban reform through the ages

Since ancient times, cities have been variously perceived, everything from vibrant marketplaces to protective sanctuaries. One of the prevalent interpretations however is the city as a place of sin where transgressions occur against all manner of mores. The punishment for these violations has been severe at times as witnessed by the demise of the fabled Sodom and Gomorrah. The urge to reverse urban wickedness has also been the great catalyst to urban design through time. An eclectic survey presented on this Research Tuesday includes ambitious city planning fuelled in equal parts by innovative utopian visions as well as the banal suburban dreams of Kath and Kim. Adelaide’s current struggle with sin of an environmental sort will conclude the presentation.

About the Speaker

nancy pollock-ellwandProfessor Nancy Pollock-Ellwand (Ph.D (Planning), MArch, BLA) is the Professor of Landscape Architecture, and Head and Chair of the School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. Her research centres on landscape history and a recent co authored electronic book, “Landscape Legacies”, documents the evolution of created space from the prehistoric to the present.

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