The ‘Commercialization of Intimacy’

Changing patterns of caring and intimacy traditionally seen as the domain of the family are being increasingly commercialized as single parents and couples transfer emotional labour demands from the home to professional agencies. Do these changes mark a democratization of gender relations in relation to caring obligations? Do they mean improved career opportunities for women and men? This lecture presents a range of cases from Australia, the US and Asia and looks at the impact on women’s and men’s careers.

About the Speaker

anne brooksProfessor Ann Brooks is Professor of Gender, Work and Cultural Studies and Head of the School of Social Sciences. She is author of Academic Women (1997);Postfeminisms (1997); Gendered Work in Asian Cities: The New Economy and Changing Labour Markets (2006) and with Alison Mackinnon of Gender and the Restructured University (2001). Her latest books are Social Theory in Contemporary Asia (2009) and Globalization, Gender and Emotional Labour.

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