Ralf Zurbrugg

Professor Ralf Zurbrugg joined the University of Adelaide Business School as a Professor of Finance and Associate Dean for Partnerships and Community Liaison within the Faculty of the Professions. He serves on various committees both inside the University and in the private sector. Ralf has taught and held various visiting positions around the world, including the UK, Singapore, Switzerland, UAE and the US. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Bradford University School of Management, a Justice of the Peace for South Australia, joint editor of the International Journal of Managerial Finance, serves on the editoral board of several other journals, is the academic convenor of the University’s International Centre for Financial Services and is a director of a quantitative investment solutions company, FinHeuristics. He regularly consults for industry, particularly for the hedge fund market, as well as being an expert witness on a number of state and federal court cases. He has also appeared on television and been quoted in national newspapers over the years.

Research Interests

Ralf’s primary research interests lie in risk management issues as they relate to various different types of financial markets and instruments. His research spans work on securitised real estate assets, stock selection processes, derivatives and the insurance markets. He has also published in various other areas, including work on international business dynamics and financial services provision, plus is heavily involved in the design of computer-aided trading platforms. His research has been published in both national and international press, various public institutions (such as the World Bank), and has appeared on Television and Radio as a commentator on financial issues. He also has been involved in numerous research grants over the years and manages several long-term competitively funded research projects.

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