Generating Hope

With research showing stem cells can generate brain repair, could stroke damage soon be reversed?

As the greatest cause of disability in Australia, stroke takes an enormous toll on thousands of patients and their families every year.

Consequently, discovering how to repair the debilitating neural damage they cause is considered one of our greatest health challenges.

It’s a daunting task, but one the University of Adelaide’s Stroke Research Programme (a collaboration with The Queen Elizabeth Hospital) is tackling head-on. And progress is being made.

The team’s recent data shows stem cells obtained from adult teeth can be used to generate new brain cells and change the wiring of the brain. Could this be a path to recovery?

In this important presentation, programme leader Associate Professor Simon Koblar discusses the exciting possibilities.

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About the Speaker

Simon KoblarAssociate Professor Simon Koblar is a clinical neurologist, neuroscientist and teacher in both. He is Patron for Stroke SA and for the last 10 years has built the Stroke Research Programme as a collaboration between the University of Adelaide and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

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