Who’s the Boss?

An exploration of the ongoing tug-of-war between fairness and flexibility in the Australian workplace.

When Labor swept to power in 2007 it carried a clear mandate to bury the Howard government’s controversial Work Choices reforms.

Its Fair Work legislation, which took effect in July 2009, was eagerly anticipated by those seeking a more equitable balance between employee rights and employer flexibility.

But 8 months on, controversy remains. Some say Fair Work delivers. Some say it’s little different. Others, including Opposition leader Tony Abbott, say it goes too far.

So how has Fair Work changed labour laws? What are its implications? And can the Coalition present a deregulatory alternative without reigniting community protest?

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As another election looms, the University of Adelaide’s Professor Andrew Stewart presents a timely exploration of these important issues

About the Speaker

Andrew Stewart
Professor Andrew Stewart
is the John Bray Professor of Law at the University of Adelaide. He is also President of the Australian Labour Law Association, consults to national legal firm Piper Alderman and provided technical assistance to the federal government on its Fair Work legislation.

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