Court in the Net

How the digital age is transforming the global politics of power and influence

While the intimate link between knowledge and power has been recognised for centuries, the phenomenal rise of the internet has totally redefined the relationship.

Influential knowledge is no longer the exclusive province of the elite. Accessible from virtually anywhere on the globe, the world wide web has put vast swathes of information within reach of billions and allowed them to disseminate their own.

Consequently, it’s become the largest battlefield in history, facilitating an ongoing struggle for hearts and minds all over the world, involving governments, activists, academics and terrorists alike.

In this comprehensive presentation Associate Professor Felix Patrikeeff will analyse how this is playing out and consider its myriad political implications.

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About the Speaker

Felix PatrikeffProfessor Felix Patrikeeff is Head of Politics at The University of Adelaide and holds degrees from the Universities of Essex and Oxford. He has published many books and essays on international politics and is regularly sought for comment in national and international media.

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