Animals in Society, from fork to friend

The human-animal bond is deep and complex. Some animals we see as food, some as friends and others seemingly as facilitators of scientific progress.

Attitudes to animal production are changing rapidly and raise many questions. Can we farm animals more sustainably and address their welfare? What types of animal housing and research are acceptable?

Our attitudes to companion animals’ care have changed significantly over the last decades. We share many diseases with our pets and expectations for animal care have grown phenomenally. How will this alter pet ownership and expectations of veterinary practitioners?

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Professor Gail Anderson and her University of Adelaide team are involved in several research projects addressing these issues, and in this comprehensive presentation she will reveal their fascinating findings.

About the Speaker

Professor Gail Anderson is the inaugural Head of School of The University of Adelaide’s new School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. Her current research involves bone remodelling around orthopaedic implants and the ways in which biomaterials interact with skeletal tissues.

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