Chris Sumby

Dr. Chris Sumby is an ARC Future Fellow in the School of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Adelaide. His research focuses around the chemical synthesis of new materials that are applied in making more environmentally benign catalysts for industry, and ‘greening’ existing energy generation processes by separation and conversion of the greenhouse gas, CO2.  He also investigates the development of materials for cheap and efficient solar cell technology and is the Director of the Bragg Crystallography Facility.

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Research Interests:

  • Materials for Energy Applications: One aspect of our work is the synthesis and study of novel organic dyes and metal complexes of those dyes.  Studies into the potential applications of these materials for energy applications are undertaken.
  • Porous Materials: The synthesis of porous materials as scaffolds for heterogenous catalysts, sieving and selective capture of gases, e.g. carbon dioxide.  Our research is focused on the synthesis of novel linkers and the incorporation of these into porous materials. We have two areas of focus:- Azolium linkers that can be used to liberate an N-heterocyclic carbene within a framework.- Linear links with masked donor functionality.
  • Supramolecular Chemistry (of Anions): Our research in this area is directed toward materials that display novel interactions with anions and utilisation of such interactions to develop sensors or sequestration agents.
  • Sensor Architectures for MOFs (Microstructured Optical Fibres): We work as part of the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) on materials that interface the fibres to analytes.


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