Infiltrating the Cell

How new research into protein gene products could help to reveal the mysteries of disease

If our cells are well coordinated factories, the proteins within are the machinery. They keep the factories running.

It follows then, that to better manage our body’s machinery – to treat and prevent disease – we need to better understand it structure and behaviour at the molecular level.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are meeting the challenge by investigating three key questions. How does a protein’s architecture dictate its role? How do multi-component protein assemblies form? And what structural biology techniques can we use to better answer these questions?

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Their progress is exciting; the potential health benefits enormous. And in this presentation, lead researcher Dr Tara Pukala will bring you up to speed on the latest developments

Dr Tara Pukala lectures in Chemistry at the University of Adelaide. She leads a research group focused on developing new tools to investigate the structure of biological molecules in order to understand and provide innovative approaches to the treatment of human diseases.

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