From vine to great wine

How advanced research is helping SA’s wine industry improve grape quality, operate sustainably and compete internationally

A Research Tuesdays Forum

In this special year-end event, some of the University of Adelaide’s leading minds in the field of wine will discuss how their work is helping to secure the local industry’s ongoing economic and productive strength.

The session will open with a broad analysis of the current size and makeup of this important industry, identifying its greatest challenges. The focus will then turn to the complex question of how consumers assess wines pre-purchase. What is research saying about the influence of bottle type and label design? Does e-marketing have an impact?

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Promising developments in the search for greater consistency and cost-effectiveness in the production of high quality wine will also be presented. And finally, our panel will discuss the industry’s core research needs for the forseeable future, with questions taken from the floor.

The panellists

Dr Roberta Veale lectures in International Marketing and Research Methods in the Business School. Her research into consumer wine preferences has been published worldwide, and in 2011 she was recognised with the Outstanding Reviewer Award by the International Journal of Wine Business Research.





Professor Vladimir Jiranek is Professor of Oenology in the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine. He heads a large research group focused on enhancing wine quality through improved yeast and bacteria fermentation.





Brian Croser co-chair the University’s Wine 2030 Advisory Board. One of Australia’s most revered winemakers, he founded Petaluma and remained its chief winemaker for 27 years. Brian has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia for his contribution to the Australian wine industry.




Associate Professor Barry Burgan (Facilitator) is Director of Business Development in the Faculty of Professions. A former Dean of the Business School, he has undertaken a number of economic analyses into the future prospects of the wine industry.

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