Pregnant Pause

Exploring important new questions emerging on life-creating infertility treatment

Following the world’s first birth from in vitro fertilisation in 1978, the use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) rapidly became routine.

Around 5 million individuals have now been born as a result of it, realising countless dreams of parenthood. And that figure’s rising at an increasing rate, with a steep, age-related decline in female fertility leading to ever greater reliance on ART.

Consequently, important questions are being asked about the effectiveness and long-term social and biological consequences of such treatment for both mother and child.

In this informative presentation, the University of Adelaide’s Professor Michael Davies will explore the critical issues and provide an up-to-the-minute progress report on the search for answers.

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The presenter

Professor Michael Davies is an epidemiologist and ARC Future Fellow in the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Institute. He co-directs the Institute’s Research Centre for the Early Origins of Health and Disease, and its Lifecourse and Intergenerational Health Research Group.

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