Sustaining a Better Brew

How Adelaide research is helping Australian barley producers capitalise on growing Asian beer markets.

Climate change and a growing global population are big challenges for Australian agriculture. As our barley industry is proving, however, they also present a huge opportunity. Through intensive research in molecular genetics and biochemistry, including at the University of Adelaide, stunning gains have been made during the last decade in the amount of non-GM grain produced by our farmers per mm of rainfall. Annual barley production is now over 8M tonnes, with around 80% being exported, largely to Asian countries, for use in the domestic production of beer.

In this fascinating presentation, you’ll learn how the University is helping Australian producers sustain this growth through the development of barley varieties specifically suited to these markets and their local brewing styles. You’ll also be introduced to an exciting new variety in the pipeline that promises to improve beer’s foam and flavour stability, and extend its shelf life.

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