Less gain, less pain?

How limiting gestational weight gain is affecting pregnancy outcomes for obese mothers and their babies.

The World Health Organisation has identified obesity as a health problem of global significance, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and their associated complications.

It’s also a serious risk factor during pregnancy. Maternal complications include an increased risk of hypertension, gestational diabetes and perinatal death. While infants born to overweight or obese women face a greater chance of being born with high birth weight and requiring intensive care.

Clearly, antenatal interventions to limit gestational weight gain in this group represent a public health strategy of great potential. And several trials have shown such interventions can indeed be successful in limiting weight gain. But can we be sure this limitation will actually translate to improved health outcomes?

A recent University of Adelaide study has provided some much-needed answers. And in this important presentation, you’ll hear them.

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