The naked Pure Mathematician

Inaugural Lecture

Some vocations elicit immediate respect and understanding. Medicine and law, for example. Teaching and engineering. Pure mathematics, however, presents for most people an unfathomable mystery.

By definition, it’s the study of abstract mathematical concepts, as opposed to applied mathematics, which considers the physical application of maths in the “real” world.

Yet in practice there’s much overlap, and although pure maths concepts are far removed from our daily experience and require years of study to understand, their influence on human progress is profound.

In his Inaugural Lecture, Professor Finnur Larusson will reveal the unique characteristics of his discipline and its incalculable value, and provide a fascinating insight into his own research.

The presenter

Finnur Larusson completed his undergraduate study at the University of Iceland, before obtaining a PhD in pure mathematics at the University of Chicago in 1992. He held positions at universities in the US and Canada before joining the University of Adelaide in 2006. Finnur became a Professor on 1 January, 2015.

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