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Violent encounters on the Australian frontier

Inaugural Lecture Conflict and connection between Aboriginal people and settlers in Australia’s colonial past In recent years, Australia has publicly grappled with its history of violence between colonial settlers and Aboriginal people, where covert battles unfolded between strangers from across a cultural divide, and beneath the radar of the law. But on a shared frontier, […]

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3 Minute Thesis Final (3MT)

A University of Adelaide thesis project explained in just three minutes, using only one PowerPoint slide? That’s the challenge ten of our research students will tackle in the national 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) competition. The ability to effectively communicate research impact is a skill that all of our researchers must develop. In 2015, we are […]

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Hard data

The fascinating ecological and environmental insights being revealed by marine organisms’ hard body parts Inaugural Lecture Although marine waters present a challenging research environment, the remarkable data obtained there by the University of Adelaide’s Professor Bronwyn Gillanders and her team has proven well worth the effort. Studying the hard structures of marine organisms, such as […]

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