Violent encounters on the Australian frontier

Inaugural Lecture

Conflict and connection between Aboriginal people and settlers in Australia’s colonial past

In recent years, Australia has publicly grappled with its history of violence between colonial settlers and Aboriginal people, where covert battles unfolded between strangers from across a cultural divide, and beneath the radar of the law. But on a shared frontier, violence also unfolded between familiars.

In her Inaugural Lecture, Professor Nettelbeck explores the nature of intimate violence between Aboriginal people and settlers in Australia’s colonial past, and the law’s response to it.

The Presenter

Professor Amanda Nettelbeck is based in the University of Adelaide’s School of Humanities. She and Robert Foster have co-authored four books on the colonial frontier, most recently Fragile Settlements: Aboriginal Peoples, Law and Resistance in south-west Australia and prairie Canada, with Russell Smandych and Louis Knafla (forthcoming).

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