Over $30k raised for Don’t Speak – Silence for Stroke 2012

The Robinson Institute are delighted to announce that over $30k has been raised for the Peter Couche Foundation’s Don’t Speak – Silence for Stroke event 2012.

Here’s one fundraiser’s experience of taking part in the Don’t Speak 2012 event!

Andrew Brown, Dealer Principal, Adrian Brien Automotive

“Rather than be silent for an hour today I set myself a target of 4 hours (from 7am until 11am). I got a very small glimpse of what life would be like if after a stroke you couldn’t speak.

Not being able to say goodbye to Nicki as she headed off to work, trying to get a 6 year old ready for early school drop off, having to have a sign and Elliot explain why I couldn’t say good morning to the other parents, not being able to tell Elliot I loved him and to have a great day.

Frustration at not being able to jump on the phone as I drove to work to start addressing the day, having the mobile phone switched off as there was no point seeing who may be calling, limiting myself from emails for the 4 hour period, …, the work phone ringing and not able to pick it up….

You certainly feel a sense of isolation.

Moreover not verbally expressing yourself with feelings, emotions and thoughts was equally frustrating as they bounced around my head with nowhere to go …….. and I have a lot I want to say sometimes!

With your wonderful support, I was able to raise $6,600, these funds will assist the Peter Couche Foundation and the scientists at the Robinson Institute to pioneer adult stem cell (non-embryonic) research designed to regenerate and repair damage to the brain caused by stroke”.


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