Skeptic of the Year Winner

The Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM)  which was co-founded by Professor Alastair MacLennan, has won Skeptic of the Year.

FSM was formed out of concern of the increasing number of Australian Universities including pseudosciences in the health science courses and preparing graduates to practise them.

FSM sought support from the scientific and clinical communities and through its growing membership pseudoscientific healthcare is beginning to concern those who fund and financially profit from it.

FSM are expanding their role to ensure Australians have access to interventions and medicines backed by eveidence of their clinical effectiveness rather than treatments which have proved to be ineffective.

The Annual Convention of the Australian Skeptics was held over the weekend and the FSM five founding members (Prof John Dyson, Prof Alastair MacLennan, Prof Marcello Costa, Prof Rob Morrison and Loretta Marron) were awarded ‘Skeptic of the Year’.


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