Travel Story – Hannah Brown

Dr Hannah Brown from the Robinson Research Institute’s Early Development Research Group attended the World Congress of Reproductive Biology 2014 and Metabolism satellite conference in Scotland.

Hannah presented her research: Diabetes alters the epigenetic landscape of the oocyte and early embryo.

This is what Hannah had to say about her experience:

What was a highlight of the conference?
The dramatic developments in the stem cell field, with respect to the development of germ cells from iPS cells, particularly from Korea and Japan. Very interesting and exciting.

Did you visit any labs or research facilities? – How was this useful to your work?
I met with my old boss Rex Scaramuzzi and planned a new review.

Did you meet any researchers or collaborators of significance? – Please provide details:
I spent time talking with John McCarrey and Amander Clark, both American experts in epigenetics and programming.

How will the experience support you and your research?
I received international exposure for our work on histones and O-linked glycosylation due to my oral presentation. This was my first chance to showcase this work on the international circuit!

What was the most exciting thing you learned/experienced at the Conference?
That the Japanese are taking sperm to space!

What was the most interesting or unexpected moment of your travel?
The blessing of the Haggis at the Conference Dinner.

What was the most uncomfortable or awkward moment of your travel?
Getting stuck in transit in Doha, Qatar overnight and arriving 24 hours late to Scotland (but in time for the beginning of the conference, fortunately!)

Would you recommend this experience to your friends/colleagues and why?
WCRB is a good opportunity to meet with researchers that do not come to the Australian Reproductive meetings, and to see highlights from all of the reproductive biology societies.

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