Public forum: Making babies in the 21st Century – Let’s talk about sex!

To make a baby you need to have sex. But it’s not straight forward. Research is now showing that the life you lead affects your ability to conceive and the life-long health of your baby.

There are those wanting to have sex without risking pregnancy, and those who are struggling to enjoy sex. It is a complicated topic.

Come along to the 4th Making Babies event to learn about the latest research findings from leading sexual health experts in a variety of areas – moderated by Dr Paul Willis, Director of RiAus.

  • Professor Gary Wittert Men’s metabolic and sexual health
  • Professor Sarah Robertson – Egg and sperm: harbingers of parental history
  • Associate Professor Darryl Russell – The hunt for new contraceptive targets
  • Professor Vivienne Moore – What we know about cognitive and learning abilities of children conceived by ART
  • Dr Christopher Fox – Why people do not want to have sex, yet want babies?
  • Dr Helen Calabretto – SHine SA Services 

Event Details  
Sunday 13 November
3:30pm – 5:30pm
SAHMRI Auditorium, North Terrace Adelaide
(Australasian Sexual Health Conference commences the following day)
Free public forum – parking will be limited, please consider options
Registrations essential as places are limited!

Register now at this link!

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