Free Public Forum: Good Sleep Matters (26 July)

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We feel better after a good nights sleep, feeling more alert, rested and functional. Sleep plays a vital restorative function which is important for many facets of the human body, and is extremely important in children and adolescents for achieving life-long health. However, not all of us sleep well and extended periods of disrupted sleep may have long term effects on growth and development.

Hosted by the Robinson Research Institute and Healthy Development Adelaide, attendees will hear from four experts on varying aspects of healthy sleeping in the early years, during pregnancy and in adolescence…and why good sleep matters!

  • Prof David Kennaway:¬†Sleep, melatonin and children
  • Dr Tamara Varcoe: Does working shifts during pregnancy impact upon the developing baby?
  • Dr Mark Kohler:¬†The impact of sleep on daytime psychological performance in children
  • Dr Kate Bartel:¬†Protective and risk factors for adolescent sleep

Registrations essential!

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