About the Robinson Research Institute

By focusing on the earliest stages of life, the Robinson Research Institute at the University of Adelaide is seeking to prevent disease and promote health in children and adults across generations.

The Institute brings together a unique blend of clinical, scientific and research leaders with wide-ranging expertise, from epidemiology through to genetics and molecular biology.

Consisting of more than 350 researchers the Robinson Institute concentrates on fundamental clinical and scientific discoveries. Our research focuses on the health of women & babies, origins of diseases, reproductive health and stem cell research.

The Robinson Institute bridges the gap between research discoveries and medical practice, with many of the Institute’s senior researchers also leading clinicians in their fields. This enables a strong translation of research discoveries which provides immeasurable benefits to society and for future generations.

In 2010, the University of Adelaide launched the Robinson Foundation to support the life-giving research of the Robinson Institute.

For more information about the Robinson Institute visit www.adelaide.edu.au/robinson-research-institute