The importance of language, literacy and numeracy skills from an economic, social, labour market, government and citizenship perspective

The Centre’s Executive Director, Assoc Professor Michael O’Neil, presented this paper to the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program (LLNP) National Provider Forum, Melbourne (8-9 June).

Given the findings of the ABS/OECD international survey on language, literacy and numeracy – in South Australia some 480,000 adults of working age have prose literacy of level 1 or 2 when level 3 is the required functional level to read books, newspapers and magazines – the LLNP initiative is important in raising the basic skill level of the workforce. LLNP and the WELL program are key components of the Commonwealth’s building foundation skills initiative.

The title of the paper was: “The Importance of LLN Skills from an Economic, Social, Labour Market, Government and Citizenship perspective, including Links with Industry and Employment”. A copy of the paper and associated slides are available for download from the Centre’s website.


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