SA Data Wrap – stable unemployment and sluggish wages

In this edition of the Data Wrap we take a look at key data releases over the past couple weeks that provide insight into the recent performance of the South Australian economy. Topics include the latest labour market report, wages growth, retail sales, local government price inflation, and forward indicators for the residential building sector.
Unemployment […]

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SA Data Wrap – Adelaide’s slow capital city population growth

Adelaide has second slowest capital city population growth
Regional population data released by the ABS earlier this week reveals that Adelaide had the second slowest rate of capital city population growth in 2016/17. The total estimated resident population for the Greater Adelaide Capital City Statistical Area rose by 0.7 per cent, or 9,648 persons, over the […]

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Bankers under the spotlight on gambling lending

As Australia recently listened to harrowing stories of the major banks providing money to addicted gamblers at the Banking Royal Commission, we recalled that this is not a new issue.
The Centre published a report – Problem gamblers and the role of the financial sector – in 2010 and the issues seem as vexed now as […]

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A further comment on recent trends in private and public sector wage rates – Anthony Kosturjak

In a recent post we observed that data on average weekly earnings showed that wages growth in the South Australian public sector had been outstripping wages growth in the private sector over recent years. However, we noted that caution should be exercised when using data on average weekly earnings to monitor differences in wages growth […]

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SA Data Wrap – a mixed employment report

In this edition of Data Wrap, we consider the latest round of ABS employment data releases, before covering the latest developments in engineering construction and property prices.
Job vacancies tick up
Job vacancies data released by the ABS today suggests that vacancies in South Australia rose in the early part of the year. Total job vacancies in […]

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April 2018 Economic Seminar and Luncheon – Upcoming event

The SA Centre for Economic Studies of the University of Adelaide is pleased to invite Corporate Members and their guests to a Luncheon Seminar.
Our guest speaker is The Hon Dr Craig Emerson. Dr Emerson is an eminent economist with 35 years of experience in public policy, politics and public service. He was Senior Adviser to […]

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SA Data Wrap – final demand growth slows

Demand growth slows back to trend pace
Outside monthly employment data, quarterly estimates of state final demand (SFD) provides the best gauge of recent macroeconomic developments for the South Australian economy. SFD comprises all final consumption and investment expenditures made in the state, but excludes other forms of economic activity, most notably exports.
The latest SFD estimates […]

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Cost of living prominent in SA election – Michael O’Neil

The South Australian election scheduled for 17 March 2018 has turned into a three-horse race: Labor, Liberal and SA Best, led by Nick Xenophon. It is also the first outing for Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives at a state level. In prospect, it is entirely possible that neither of the major parties, even with the assistance […]

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Murray Darling Basin Declaration – Professor Sarah Wheeler

In the first week of February a group of senior water scientists and economists called for urgent action to address Murray-Darling Basin issues in a joint Declaration.
The signatories were concerned that $6 billion dollars in water recovery has been spent over the past decade, with $3.5 billion of this on irrigation infrastructure (on and off farm) and $2.5 […]

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SA Data Wrap – wage growth slows although employment growth remains solid, inflation faced by local government picks up

Wage growth slows in South Australia
Latest figures from the ABS indicate that the annual rate of wage growth in South Australia has continued to slow. Wages in South Australia as measured by the Wage Price Index (WPI) rose by 1.9 per cent through the year to the December quarter 2017. This annual result is the […]

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