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SA Data Wrap – Improved labour market and building approvals, sluggish merchandise exports

In this edition of the Data Wrap we take a look at key data releases over the past couple weeks that provide insight into the recent performance of the South Australian economy. Topics include the latest labour market report, building approval activity and performance in merchandise exports.
Strong labour market conditions in South Australia over the […]

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SA Data Wrap – final demand and exports ease

The overarching story from this week’s Data Wrap is that economic conditions in South Australia have moderated recently. Data on final demand, exports and retail sales all point to weaker trends during the early months of the year.
South Australia’s final demand growth slows
The ABS released estimates of state final demand (SFD) on Wednesday as part […]

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SA Data Wrap – wellbeing improves amidst national decline

This edition of Data Wrap considers recent South Australian developments in respect of business investment, construction activity, overseas services exports and the wellbeing of the population. A more detailed analysis of these topics will be provided in the Centre’s upcoming June Economic Briefing Report.
Private sector new capital expenditure softens
ABS data on private new capital expenditure, […]

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Revealing the true role of South Australian Services Exports

The South Australian services sector contributes more to exports than is revealed by trade statistics. As such, a policy environment that encourages competitiveness in the services sector will also improve our export competitiveness.
In 2016/17, South Australian services sector contributed nearly 60 per cent of the state’s Gross State Product (GSP) and more than three-quarters of […]

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South Australian Data Wrap – goods exports and building approvals at strong levels, but retail sales disappoint

South Australian merchandise exports remain at a strong level despite recent softening
The Australian Bureau of Statistics produces state level estimates of the value of overseas goods exports on a monthly basis. The latest estimates released last Thursday show that South Australia’s overseas goods exports have moderated over recent months, but remain well up compared […]

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What drove the significant rise in merchandise exports to China in 2013/14?

Last week we explored a reader’s question in relation to the recent pattern of South Australia’s overseas exports of cereal and meat. Today we consider a further question raised by the reader in relation to the state’s overseas export performance: what drove a temporary surge in South Australia’s merchandise exports to China in 2013/14?
The value […]

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Merchandise Exports February 2017

Latest merchandise trade data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today indicates that the value of South Australia’s international goods exports rose by 21 per cent to $986 million in February 2017. In comparison, the value of national goods exports rose by 2.4 per cent to $23,341 million.
While South Australia enjoyed a strong export […]

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