Welcome to new students from the Executive Dean of Sciences!

You’ve sailed through O’week!  Welcome to the first few days of your time with us at the Faculty of Sciences. This is an exciting and probably uncertain time for you, we understand that and we want to do whatever we can to make you feel at home with us. You are here because you have jumped some very tough hurdles, have no doubt you deserve to do very well here, now settle in and make the most of the opportunities open to you.

The Faculty of Sciences produces graduates who are in high demand from employers. That is because we attract good people to our programs and then, if you apply yourself to the task ahead, we teach you the kind of things you need to know to have a successful career in Science.

I started as an undergraduate student here in 1972, and I have strong memories of how difficult the early days were. I hardly knew anyone in my classes, the whole place was much bigger than anything I had experienced before, and I had gone from being in the senior class at school to being one of the hundreds of new students who had no idea what they were supposed to be doing. If any of this reflects how you feel, then be assured, we understand and we want to help. I encourage you to engage with our Academic Mentoring Program, first year workshops and our closed Facebook group. We’re here to provide a unique and enriching experience within your learning community and if you have concerns about any aspect of university life, ask us. We want you to be successful. The primary responsibility for that is yours, but never forget that University staff are only here for one reason – to see you succeed. Enjoy the challenge, I look forward to reading your name out at the graduation ceremony a little over three years from now.

Bob Hill



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