Where will you be in five years? – Gemma Gransbury

Newly graduated Bachelor of Science (Advanced) and current Chemistry Honours student Gemma Gransbury was asked where she thought she’d be in five years’ time, here’s what she had to say:

“In 5 years’ time I’d like to be finishing my DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry, hopefully at Oxford University, after doing a MPhil at the University of Melbourne. I hope to be heavily involved in research, and possibly in mentoring and tutoring undergraduates at the same time. Around that time I’d also like to be starting to look for either a post-doctoral position back in Australia or elsewhere overseas or perhaps an industry position, in a place such as CSIRO. I hope that in 5 years’ time the funding for Australian science will look a lot more promising so that a career in Australia is a strong possibility.”

Good luck Gemma with your current studies and all the best with your future endeavours.



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