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Antioxidants – Double Agents?

Did you know we offer a Winter School course in Communicating Science? If you’re interested in science writing for both specialist and non-specialist audiences, presenting to communicate science and the use of emerging online social media in science communication, this is a great course for you. If you’re interested, check out “Communicating Science” in course […]

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The University of Adelaide 2015 Conoco Phillips Science Experience – its positively scientific!

Calling all year 9 and 10 science aficionados – we want YOU!
Talk to your parents, your teachers, your local Rotary club and get yourself registered for an unbelievable  experience!
This action packed three day Science Experience is a collaboration of experiences from the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences.  The […]

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Where will you be in five years? – Gemma Gransbury

Newly graduated Bachelor of Science (Advanced) and current Chemistry Honours student Gemma Gransbury was asked where she thought she’d be in five years’ time, here’s what she had to say:
“In 5 years’ time I’d like to be finishing my DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry, hopefully at Oxford University, after doing a MPhil at the University of […]

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Honours for Honours student Gemma Gransbury

Gemma Gransbury, a Chemistry Honours student has won 2014 David Murray Scholarship in Sciences. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student enrolled in an Honours degree with consideration of their academic record. Gemma, currently under the tutelage of A/Prof Hugh Harris is studying ruthenium and osmium anti cancer drugs. Gemma started out her journey […]

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Chemistry Spectacular 2013

Once again the School of Chemistry and Physics will be staging their exciting Chemistry stage show – Chemistry Spectacular
It will take place at the University of Adelaide’s Scott Theatre, Schultz Building, North Terrace (G5 on the map).
Chemistry Spectacular features thrilling experiments and amazing demonstrations which is enjoyed both young and old.
There are 2 shows:

High School […]

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10 BQ – Secrets revealed in waves

Q: How did the universe begin?
A: In a previous ‘Can You Believe It?’ article (The Advertiser, March 22) talked about cosmic microwaves, which are an echo left over from the early days of the universe. By using radio telescopes, astronomers can learn about how the cosmos has changed during its 14 billion […]

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ASELL Science Workshop

The ASELL Science Workshop was held on the 6th-9th of April 2010 at the University of Adelaide. It involved the disciplines biology, chemistry and physics. Universities were invited to send 2-person teams (one academic and one student). Thes workshop included a mixture of discussions and laboratory-based activities. Each team showcased one experiment from its home […]

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